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Submissions for Captured Magazine are done here on the website through the submissions page. There will be a theme calendar posted on the submissions page where you will be able to see future themes. Please make sure you tell us if you are submitting for a theme or if it is just a general submission on your submission form. Themes will no longer be posted to the Facebook page, as many were missed. You DO NOT have to submit for the theme, you can submit a general submission of a set of images that we will pick and choose from. We will keep your submissions until you are published, then they will be deleted. Per usual, the preview video and purchase link will be posted to the Facebook page, and we will TAG you so that you get a notification that you were published. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR FACEBOOK TAG (IE @CapturedMag) SO THAT WE CAN TAG YOU! You may submit whenever and as much as you want, but please understand that submission does not guarantee publication. 
If you have any questions about our process, please do not hesitate to contact us on one of our social media platforms or by email!
Thanks So Much - Captured Magazine -​​​​​
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